I was referred to Michael for help on my GRE exam who, after 5/6 sessions, was able to boost my score dramatically. Not only was he a helpful and effective teacher who helped to improve my marks, he importantly gave me confidence and skills to problem solve. In the end, I actually began to find that I was enjoying math, not only was getting the results rewarding, but also working it out was interesting. He was always enthusiastic, always made you feel like you could ask any question or say you don’t understand, and just really enjoyable to work with.

I really loved the fact that Michael does not use the normal classroom technique of “one fit for all”. He acknowledges the fact that I have issues and am special and tutors me in a way that I can understand and relate to.

Apart from being a great tutor Michael now is offering tutoring online which has been great for me this winter!! No travelling in the snow.

Michael is without a doubt the best math tutor I have ever had…and I have had many. My university marks would not be what they are without Michael’s help. Michael explains and demonstrates concepts in a way that allows his students to fully grasp and understand them. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough. S.A

School is challenging and teachers are unpredictable, this can make some things near impossible to learn. Thanks to Michael Mustard I was able to get a deeper and more enriched understanding of my course material. AP Physics, Chemistry, Calculus and Statistics were all courses that Michael helped me succeed in and without his help I’m not sure I could have survived AP.

A tutor who knows and understands the IB program and can offer good advice. He does an excellent job of explaining concepts instead of just giving the means to get the answer.S.N.

Michael Mustard has been one of the best tutors that I have used; he helped my son not only with high school level math but with university level classes in math, science and business.  Zachary asked to continue with Michael Mustard during his university studies which helped him attain a better understanding of his course material and his goals of getting high grades.

He is efficient, on time and connects with his students.  That helps especially when you have a busy family life. H.C

My son has been using Michael Mustard for the past year and we have seen a huge difference in his understanding of the concepts introduced at school. Even though I would consider my son’s teachers to be very good, and thorough, once you are getting into the harder classes of chemistry, physics and calculus, things move quickly and my son has greatly appreciated Michael’s excellent teaching strategies and his patience in explaining difficult concepts. He has also really valued the way he makes the concepts personal and relatable to him. As a parent, I have appreciated Michael’s commitment to helping my son learn and do well in class, and his commitment to going the extra mile to ensure he is getting what he needs in terms of preparation for big exams and tests. Michael is a gifted teacher and a truly kind person, and we are so grateful to have found him!

Thank you!! T.B.

So glad that M recommended you! I am not sure if E told you or not — she got 100% on her MATH151 Quiz this week and is feeling quite confident about her upcoming midterm as a result of all your help this past week.

Thank you once again KW