Why Tutoring?

In a one-on-one environment, a student is able to ask and receive answers for all questions. An individual session also allows for flexibility to adjust the teaching style to meet the individual’s needs and permits the student to learn at the pace that suits him/her best.

Ask Alexander the Great. He conquered most of the known world by the age of 26. His tutor was Aristotle.

No. A tutor is much more like a personal trainer, whose core purpose is to help develop the student’s intellectual abilities. The tutor works with anyone at any level of ability to help them achieve their desired educational goals. Our ultimate task is to enable our students to think critically, creatively, and independently.

A (school) teacher on the other hand, while intending to do these things, also has to manage a classroom, prepare lectures, provide lesson plans, evaluate students, mark assignments, write reports, and do a whole lot of other things that have nothing to do with learning. It is amazing what teachers are able to accomplish and they are grossly underpaid, considering what we expect of them.

No, if you mean having difficulties in terms of doing poorly or failing in a subject. I would say that about sixty-five percent of my students come to see me with at least a B that they want to improve. To benefit from tutoring, the most important thing is that a student comes with a desire to learn.

Booking & Payment

Our current rate is $100 per hour.

When you book a session via the website, you will be guided to the PayPal payment system that enables you to pay for your session by credit card.

Please read our cancellation policy in detail.

Yes, you may cancel before the cancellation deadline (which is noon the day before a session) and receive a full refund minus any early booking non-refundable deposit. Past the cancellation deadline, you will still be charged for the session, whether or not you reschedule. Cancellation must be via email - this way everything is time stamped, everyone has records, and there is no possibility of confusion!

If you do contact me by phone, unless you speak to me directly and receive a confirming email, it does not count! Don't leave a message. At worst, in an emergency, text message me.

You may also re-schedule your session using the link you will have received to your email account, after you booked your session.

Not usually. If we do, travel time plus car expenses would be added to the hourly rate. Please contact us for more information.

Not usually. A different hourly rate would apply. Please contact us to discuss specific requirements.

We recommend that you book an hour for your first session. This will permit you to find out if there is a good fit between your learning style and the Elenchus Institute tutoring style. For subsequent sessions, you may book more hours at a time if desired.

Registered students can be on a waiting list. Contact us with your preferred times. You will be informed by email when your preference becomes available.

For those on our waiting list, we are going to try to set up class times that they can attend, to take advantage of our tutoring in a group, come-as-you-need-it model. This is not intended to replace the individual sessions, but rather to provide you with an option to get some help before your desired time frees up.

Our Qualifications

We are all college graduates, with over sixteen years of experience in teaching and tutoring in high school, college, university and in one-on-one sessions. We are passionate learners and passionate in our desire to enable others to learn. We recognize that everyone has his/her own unique interests and learning style and we tailor our methods to suit.

  • Michael: two years teaching high school Physics at Vancouver College, one semester as a temporary lecturer teaching Accounting Software at Vancouver Community College, and sixteen years tutoring privately.
  • Jose: taught undergraduate level business math as well as statistics, multivariate analysis, operations research, forecasting, experimental design and engineering design

No. We have some testimonials on our site, but we do not give out personal information for past or present students. We do not advertise. All of our business is by referral only, so we assume you are contacting us because you have already heard good things!

Absolutely not. We can guarantee our best effort to help a student learn. We are backed by Elenchus growth, based on word of mouth only. Please read our testimonials.

Our Method

  • We have had more than 1000 alumni in over 16 years, all by word of mouth.
  • Our goal is not to impart information. We aim to engage students’ interest in learning, improve their abilities in critical thinking, and lead them in how to formulate, solve and explain problems.
  • Much of our time is spent in understanding the learning process, perfecting how to explain and instruct through a variety of methods.
  • Tutoring is our profession - we are passionate about learning.
  • Ask whoever referred you!

This depends on several variables, including how much you need to learn, what needs to be explained, how quickly you grasp the concept studied, and how many subjects are to be covered. The bigger the need, the more time it will take. For a cost-effective solution, find one or two friends and come together. Please refer to “May I bring a friend to a session” below.

Group sessions are available. Although the rate is higher, the cost is less per person. If you bring someone unannounced, you will be charged at the individual rate.

I can but I don't usually. Most students do not use homework or tests correctly, and have not developed good skills of self analysis. Because of this, assigning them more homework will not benefit them - they need to learn to maximize the benefit they can derive from the homework the have already been given, assuming they are doing it. For example most students try to churn out 30 questions in 30 minutes, because their object is just to get it done. Proper use of homework instead involves skipping the easy questions and spending half an hour struggling with four or five frustrating questions (whether you get them right or not) until they are completely understood.

Yes we do. You can now book for a person to person session or for an on line session using the booking calendars.

Other Questions

The best way to reach us is by completing the form on the contact page.

We can almost guarantee it is not because of ability or lack thereof. This usually comes down to

  1. Interest level.
  2. Frustration level.
  3. Memorizing meaningless procedures instead of learning meaningful concepts.
  4. Inability to overlook the (apparent) lack of relevance that the subject has for your present and future life.

The term "Elenchus" comes from ancient Greece - It is believed to be the term used by Socrates, the father of philosophy, to describe his method of teaching, sometimes also referred to as Socratic Dialogue. Socrates used discourse and questioning to enable others to come to understand his ideas, rather than simply lecturing them like children. Inherent in Elenchus is a respect for the intellect of the student, and the necessity for the engagement of that intellect in a dialogue that promotes self knowledge as it imparts or elicits understanding.